Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Golf Weekend! {USKG} {No Bad Grass} {Tour Championship}

We had a busy weekend filled with golf activities.  Brodie prepped with a practice round on Friday with a friend at our local course.  We are so glad he finally has some school friends who now play golf. I am sure the older he gets, the more local friends he will have to play golf with.
On Saturday we were up early and hit the road to Villa Rica, GA for a U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Tour local event.  It rained the entire time, but Brodie didn't complain.
Daddy Caddie has a saying, "There's no bad grass."
This comes from his old hockey days when the saying was, "There's no bad ice," meaning everyone has to play from the same circumstances, so don't complain or make excuses, just play!
We are not usually concerned about rain, unless it means a stop in play or delay of tournament. Aside from that, Brodie tends to play well in the rain.  A real "mudder". :-)  
Saturday was no different, and he finished the round at even par.  Surprisingly, he still had to compete in a playoff for 1st place, as another competitor was even at 36 as well.
The playoff hole was rough for both of them, but Brodie won.  We were so happy for him since he hasn't had a 1st place win in a long while.
On Sunday, we were back on the highway up to Atlanta, to the Fedex Cup final, the Tour Championship by Coca-Cola at East Lake.  We love that this event is so close to home, and we try to attend every year.
Brodie was thrilled of course, but Blayd wasn't ecstatic.  Although Blayd enjoys golf and likes to dress like Jordan Spieth, he wanted to spend his day off from school at home with Super Mario. 
We were so impressed at the new addition of the Kid's Corner this year.  This is a gated area for kids to wait for autographs from their favorite players.  This is such a great idea, as our kids have been trampled in years past by adults looking to get autographs - most of which are only wanting things signed so they can go sell it on ebay.
The boys stayed here most of the day, waiting and waiting.  Luckily, most of their favorite players were kind enough to stop this year.  Rickie Fowler spent a good deal of time signing this year, as did many others.
We did wait until the bitter end in hopes of catching Jordan Spieth, especially since he is Blayd's favorite, but he did not sign autographs.  A swarm of security and PR folks rushed him past the kids into the clubhouse.  He did throw out a ball and yelled that he'd be back out, but unfortunately when he finally did come our, after a long, long wait, the swarm again took him right past all of the kids and fans who were waiting, taking him directly to the parking lot.
So....we took this picture and called it a night!
Blayd was so funny because he had been practicing and planning to say, "Hi Mr. Spieth!  May I please have your glove?"  He also wanted to show him that he was dressed like "little Jordan" and he drove me crazy continuously asking if his belt was on straight, because he wanted it all to be perfect when Jordan came out.  Maybe next year. :-)
Although Jordan Spieth clinched the title, the real story of the day at East Lake was the mud. Although it wasn't raining, the ground was a mess.  Everywhere you looked, people were covered in mud, many up to their knees.  A few women had on rain boots.  Clearly they were not rookies and/or had inside information.

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