Friday, July 31, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf World Championship 2015 {Round 2}

Can you tell by the look on their faces?  Round 2 did not go so well.  Daddy Caddie reports that Brodie had a rough start on the the 1st hole nine holes and a war between the two of them ensued.

If you are familiar with junior golf, you know there is always a love-hate relationship between fathers and sons (or Moms, and daughters) whichever the case may be).
They still love each other, though!
After the disastrous 44 on the first 9 holes (holes 10-18), he pulled himself together and shot a 37 on the last 9 (holes 1-0).  Luckily, he didn't fall too far position wise, but he did move down from T51 to T57.  
Daddy Caddie learned a few lessons, such as arriving earlier to ensure ample time for warm-ups.  He didn't realize that starting on hole 10 meant they had to be shuttled out 25 minutes early.  This mistake meant Brodie didn't have time for any putting practice. He also said that he cost Brodie at least 3 strokes today due to bad club decisions.
So all in all, today was disappointing, but not terrible.  And Brodie was over it in about 10 minutes and has been running wild playing chase and hide-n-go-seek all evening.
Round 3 coming up tomorrow!

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