Thursday, July 31, 2014

Round 1 Recap #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst #GolfLikeAMann

U.S. Kids Golf  World Championship
Pinehurst, NC
8 year old division
Course Assignment:  Mid Pines (back), 9 holes
Tee Time 8:15AM

Today started on a terrible note.  Daddy Caddie phones me from the driving range to say that the pitching wedge was missing.  It was 7:30Am and tee time was at 8:15AM.  I ran down to the front desk, pro shop, practice greens - it was no where to be found.  Loudly praying to St. Anthony (and we are not even Catholic), I started back tracking through the holes he played in practice.  On foot, I ran - 18, 17, 16, 15 - only stopping to ask greens workers if they had seen it.  No luck.  Tee time was in 10 minutes.  I ran back to the clubhouse messaging the guys he played with yesterday to see if it was in their golf bags by mistake.  No answer.
As I was running back up to the clubhouse, I saw the father of one of those boys, and I asked him if he had see the club.  He ran back to check their bag, as I went upstairs to check on little brother.
Unbeknownst to me, he found the club and literally ran it out to the tee box minutes before Brodie had to tee off.  He called me to report they had the club, Brodie was thrilled, and that he hit a great first drive.
The round did not go too well, though, again because of his putting.  Brodie never missed a fairway and was on the green in 2 strokes, but then 3 & 4 putted.  It was sad.  
Brodie was pretty disappointed and went right to work on the putting green after his match.  I felt so bad, I arranged for one of the Golf Pros to spend about an hour working with him.  After their session, Brodie seemed very confident about his putting for tomorrow.  
Daddy Caddie is not so sure.  Shave off one of those putts per hole, and he is in the 30s.  Easy.  But this course is *not* easy, and all the talk this afternoon from parents, caddies, and players has been concerning the difficulty of the greens. Even still, Brodie's 2 buddies from Atlanta played well today.  They both shot 39.  If Brodie can be in contention with them in Atlanta, surely he can do the same here. 
 When they came in from their rounds, Brodie was excited, smiled and congratulated them, but later came up to me with his head down in shame and said, "I am happy for them, but I feel sorta jealous."  I told him that was natural and to try not to feel bad about having those feelings.  They have all spent the evening running and playing and putting and screaming with the other boys from around the world.  I hope they get plenty of rest tonight, because Round 2 starts bright and early tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great Day at Pinehurst! {U.S. Kids Golf World Championship} {Day 2}

U.S. Kids Golf  World Championship
Pinehurst, NC
8 year old division
Course Assignment:  Mid Pines (back), 9 holes
Brodie had a very busy day at Pinehurst today!  First, there was Player Registration at the Pinehurst Clubhouse.
Then, it was out to the course for some fun golf games and demos.
Later, Brodie had his official practice round.  Thank goodness today went better than yesterday!  He improved to a 46, which is closer to his average of 40-41.  The yardages are a bit longer here at the World Championship, and he is still adjusting to the greens, so we are hoping tomorrow will be even better.
Tonight, as I fought the fight to drag Brodie from the game room to bed upstairs - his tee time is at 8:15AM y'all! - he was getting his things together and said,
 "Mommy, I sure wish I could win World." 
 I told him that I wished he could, too.  
Then he said, "I'm not trying to be negative, but if I don't win, I hope to finish in the top 30."
At this point, I was flooded with emotions.
Over the years I have always been crushed when Brodie would say he wanted to win a big tournament, because I knew it was not likely.  He was always so sure he could do it.  He did not see any limitations.  He thought he could do anything.
Side note:  Please know it is not that I don't believe in my son, but if you are not familiar with the level of competition at these events, it is unreal!   Way more than we could ever compete with.  Kids who travel with personal caddies, trainers, nutritionists, biomechanics coaches, top notch equipment, etc.  
It has always exhausted me and saddened me to see beforehand, the heartbreak that would come later when he didn't win, because he always thought he would finish 1st.
I would have thought that tonight I would have been happy to finally see Brodie set a realistic goal for himself and to see him not set himself up for failure.  
But, I wasn't.
Instead I was so sad and emotional at seeing another shred of his childhood innocence gone.  
I suppose that bit by bit, that time of believing you can be and do anything slips away over the years, as reality sets in.
All that aside, it is truly wonderful to see Brodie enjoying this moment, his moment, in time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome to Pinehurst! {U.S. Kids Golf World Championship} {Day 1}

U.S. Kids Golf  World Championship
Pinehurst, NC
8 year old division
Course Assignment:  Mid Pines (back), 9 holes

Brodie had an awesome 1st day in Pinehurst!  Here is a quick recap...

We arrived at the historic Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club shortly after lunch and he immediately began warming up for his first unofficial practice round.  Practice did not go well!  He shot a 51 due to many 3 putts - and even one 5 putt - yikes! Daddy Caddy was not thrilled at all.  Brodie took it well, though, and was too busy having fun with his friends to stress about it just yet.
After practice we rushed right over to Pinehurst Village to participate in the Parade of Nations.

This is such a fun event as the kids march through town representing countries from all over the world.

One of our struggles at the World Championship last year and this year, is that Brodie wants to run around, play with his friends, stay up until all hours, scream, yell, and be silly - you know, be a normal 8 year old kid!  We do allow him to do all of those things (except stay up late), but he has to focus on golf some, too - you know, the main reason we came here!?  

Therein lies our struggle as parents.  We want our kid to have fun and be a kid, but we also know that Brodie gets absolutely miserable when he does not play well.  We know that he is not really in contention for a top spot in this competition, however, we also know that it is easier for him to accept this fact when he plays well and does his best.  Where is Mr. Miyagi when you need him>>>"Life is about balance, Daniel-san!"

We are blowing up Twitter and Instagram with pictures this week, hashtagging #GolfLikeAMann, come check us out! :-)