Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finally, 1st Place! {US Kids Golf} {Atlanta Spring Tour 2014}

U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Spring Local Tour 2014
Legacy on Lake Lanier
8 year old division
shot 45, placed 1st!
Since B recently moved up to the 8 year old group in the U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Tour, he has not been at the top of leader board as before in the 7 year old division.  He and his Daddy Caddy have been working to adjust to the new yardage and figure out new club selections.  Today, everything finally fell into place and he received his first blue medal in the 8 year old division!
 It was a raining, muddy mess on the course at Lake Lanier.  Beautiful, but messy!
Brod has always played well in the rain, but today, it didn't seem he was playing up to the top of his game.  He had a few tough situations, but he stuck with it and hung in there!
We were almost positive that the group behind us was "ahead" score wise, but he just kept playing his game, and focusing on the course.
All of the boys in our group stayed focused, even through the rain and mush.
 Legacy on Lake Lanier isn't an easy course in normal conditions, either.
When the score cards were turned in, Brodie was surprised and excited to see that he and Arden were tied for the lead.  So, we went off to a sudden death playoff at hole #1.
Brodie was fortunate enough to score a Birdie to Win!
Brodie gave his speech and thanked Arden for playing with him.  
It was so much fun to see these two at the top of the leader board together, again. 
Great job guys!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brodie Mann Hits the Green {Feature Story} {Local News}

One of the local reporters saw Brodie on The Dee Armstrong Show recently, and asked if she could do a story on him.   He had so much fun being interviewed and filmed on the golf course!  You can check out the video here:

She had asked what his most memorable win was, and he shared that it was winning the Atlanta Spring Tour Championship last year at Mystery Valley.  I suppose that is why they labeled him "U. S. Kids Golf Atlanta Tour Champion".  :-)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Talking Up the Masters! {Brodie on The Dee Armstrong Show}

Brodie was invited back on The Dee Armstrong Show again this week, this time to talk about the Masters!  
His golfing buddy Triston went with him and they did a great job talking about their picks, "calling out" Rory McIlroy for some "bad" behavior, and making Tiger Woods' favorite Masters breakfast!

Monday, April 7, 2014

25th Davis-Smyre Invitational Golf Classic {Legacy on Lake Lanier}

On Saturday, Brodie and fellow golfer, Triston, were invited to represent Fore Kids Columbus at the 25th Annual Davis-Smyre Invitational Golf Classic, played at Legacy on Lanier.  
Each year, Representative Calvin Smyre provides a generous donation to the Atlanta First Tee and the Fore Kids Columbus junior golf program from funds generated by this event.  
Rep. Smyre acknowledging Atlanta First Tee and Fore Kids Columbus Players.
It was an honor to meet Rep. Smyre and Mr. Walter Dukes, as well as all of the other dignitaries, golfers, and volunteers who helped to make this fabulous event possible.
Everyone was so complimentary and encouraging to the boys throughout the day.  So many of the gentlemen stopped to tell them how much they enjoyed watching their golf swings and game play.
Everyone was surprised at how well these little guys can golf.  They also loved their outfits, too!  Triston was in his traditional Payne Stewart apparel.
Brodie and his Dad, the Canadian, were in coordinating Toronto Blue Jay hats and white Puma golf pants.
It was very nice of Rep. Smyre to invite the boys' dads to come play as their guests as well.  I thought it was fun to see Brodie as the "star" for a change.  Brodie has been to quite a few events where his Dad was the one being recognized for his former play in local professional hockey.
Legacy on Lanier is such a beautiful course and Lake Lanier was a gorgeous backdrop to all of the holes.
At the awards banquet, the boys received golf goodies and giftcards to PGA Superstore. They were so excited!  
It was such a wonderful experience and we are so appreciative for all that this organization/event provides to our local junior golf program.  
Thank you, Rep. Smyre!