Monday, August 4, 2014

Round 3 Recap #GolfLikeAMann #USKGWorld #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst

Round 3 Recap #GolfLikeAMann #USKGWorld #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst 

I didn't go out to watch the final round.  Here's how they looked when I last saw them...
 I stayed back at the hotel with little b and picked up the tournament photos.

Here is Brodie's recap after Round 3...Click here to view

Brodie asked me to take him to the Awards Ceremony, so I did.  It's hard watching your little one have his dreams crushed right before his eyes.  He took it well.

No awards for my little buddy, but he is ranked 82nd in the World (8yr olds), the top 3 from GA, 7 strokes out of top 50, 10 strokes out of top 30. Not too shabby.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Round 2 Recap #GolfLikeAMann #USKGWorld #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst

Weather conditions were terrible today for Round 2, but Brodie managed to shave a couple strokes off of his previous score.  Once again, the problem is the putting.  
 It is just not there this week.  It is really the only problem with his game at this point.  He is overthinking it and even looks uncomfortable.
Still, Brodie was glad he played better, but disappointed to not score as low as he normally does.                                   Check out a video clip from Round 2 here.

Here is Brodie's Recap  - click here
Round 3 is tomorrow, and he is just hoping to move up as far as he can on the leaderboard, if possible.  Aside from his disappointment with his play, he is really having a great time here, and seems to know that is what is most important.