Sunday, May 19, 2013

A BIG Win at the Tour Championship! {US Kids Golf} {Atlanta Local Tour}

U.S. Kids Golf
Atlanta Spring Local Tour Championship
7 year old division
1st Place!
Brodie won the ‪#‎USKidsGolf‬ Spring Tour Championship in a sudden death playoff with a birdie! He was also awarded 2nd in points overall for the Atlanta Spring Tour.
He still won't wear anything but his lucky red shirt, so we got one for Daddy Caddy as well.
This was their second attempt at playing the championship, since they had been rained out the first time.  Brodie was in first that day as well, and we were sooooo disappointed that the match was called and those scores thrown out.  In the end, it just made this victory sweeter!
I was so proud of B because, he was very heart broken when he realized that he had no chance of winning the Tour in overall points.  Daddy Caddy and I had know this for a while, but we didn't have the heart to tell him until right before the final match.  We figured we'd better break the news, because if by chance he did win the Tour Championship, he would think he had won the Tour as well.  He was devastated, and my heart sank thinking we'd made a terrible mistake in telling him, but as we pulled in to the parking lot at Mystery Valley, he dried his tears and courageously declared, "Well, I might not can win the Tour, but I can still win the Tour Championship."  And that is just what he did!  So proud!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Fore Kids Columbus
Monthly Junior Golf Tournament
Godwin Creek Golf Course
Brodie got his first hole-in-one today during the Fore Kids Columbus Monthly Junior Golf Tournament.
It was on hole number 8.

 I was in the clubhouse with Blayd when the cheers erupted.  My Mother was just outside the door and heard the screams thinking someone had been hit by a car!
Daddy Caddy was there with him and said when they saw the ball go in, Brodie jumped into his arms and started to cry.
Brodie ended up winning 1st place in the tournament as well.

They presented him with a token gift in recognition of his hole-in-one. 
What an exciting day!