Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake Tournament, Villa Rica, GA

posted Feb 24, 2013, 8:03 PM by Kerri Mann   
Brodie participated in his first U.S. Kids tournament on Saturday.  It was the first in the 2013 Atlanta Spring Local Tour.  It had rained all week and the course was a mess!  I felt sorry for all of the kids, playing in such cold and wet conditions.  Through it all, Brodie had a great time!
He shot a 58 and won a 3rd place medal.  We were very proud of him, and feel he played very well - especially considering the yucky conditions, and the fact that it was his first tournament, and the fact that the other boys he played against have been playing in the U.S. Kids tournaments before (several also playing this course before).
He might have scored better, but his Daddy Caddy didn't know he could have declared a ball unplayable, to take 1 penalty stroke.  Instead, poor Brodie was trying to hit a ball he could not see!  It was hidden under a lip in a bunker.  It took him 4 strokes to make contact and get the ball out to where he could hit it out of the sand trap.
Oh well, at least now we know the rule, so that if something like this happens again it may not cost him so much score-wise.
He is very excited about playing in the upcoming tournaments in this tour!