Saturday, January 12, 2013

Golf, Golf and Golf! {Tournaments}

Brodie had his first golf tournament of the year today, and I wanted to blog about it, but I thought, well I can't because I never did go back and write about his other tournaments.  And then I thought, well I had better catch up on those, but where are the pictures?  Camera? Phone? Laptop? Work Phone? Old sd card?  Who knows! 
Then I thought, well who cares, I should just write about today.  Then I thought, well, let me go back and see what I have on this phone, and on this laptop and maybe just put a few together, even though it won't be good, it will still be something. 
And on and on and on goes the mind of a recovering perfectionist, who no matter how hard she tries, still struggles so hard to do things that are not up to a certain ridiculous standard.

So anyway, here is my not so perfect post about Brodie's golf tournaments...


Today, Brodie took 2nd place in the first tournament of the year.  He was real excited about playing.  He loves to compete.  He was hoping his new red hat would bring luck.  I was just hoping it would help me spot him more easily.  He was very excited that his teacher, Mrs. Beckum came to watch him tee off.  He made a great shot, too.  It was so kind of her to come.  She said she knows how important golf is to Brodie, and she wanted to come see him in action.  So nice!
Brodie's best buddy, Triston, ended up in 1st place with a 40, and Brodie was tied with Jacob at 41.  They had a chip off to determine the placement and Brodie won, so he ended up in 2nd place.  He was thrilled!
I was excited too, as he hasn't had as much time to practice over the holiday, and I wasn't sure how he would play.  He has been watching a lot of golf, though, and as always, making notes from what he sees the PGA players doing.  It is so funny!    He did practice some over the break, and last week he scored 2 birdies at practice and was so proud.
So now to flashback a bit, and pick up some of the tournaments I missed....
It was fun for me to look back over his little golf journey this evening.  From his first clinics in May, when he first got bit by "the golf bug".
To these pictures from his very first tournament - which look so funny to me now.  He has come so far, and grown so much.  SIGH.
I remember how hard that day was.  He enjoyed it, but was so disappointed not to win a trophy.  He wanted one really bad.  Doug had to help him out in teeing, lining up, scoring, etc.  He was new to the game and just learning.  He wanted to win!
In addition to the weekly clinics, he attended 2 golf camps in the Summer in June and July.
He learned so much about the game.  So did I!
There was a mini-tournament in the June camp, and I didn't know enough to know that he needed someone there to walk the course with him and help him out.  Sadly, he was stuck with me and we could barely keep score.  I had no idea what clubs he should use, and neither did he at that point.  Still, he did pretty well for his age group and ability, even though he didn't win anything.  I remember an experienced Golf Mom in our group telling me from what she saw, when Brodie had more lessons and practice, it was going to be ON.  Still, it was hard to watch him sit so expectantly in the bleachers thinking his name might be somehow called for an award, when I new it wouldn't.
Brodie grew more and more determined.  He practiced hard, and often.  He competed in the July tournament, and did well, but still didn't win.  There aren't any pictures, because I stopped taking my camera because I was afraid I was jinxing him - haha!
Finally, in July, Brodie won his first medal for 3rd place at the July mini-camp.  It was a moment I will never forget.  Watching him walk up and get an award he had EARNED from WORKING SO HARD for SO LONG, it was wonderful beyond words.  It was his first REAL award.
In August and September, Brodie continued to take lessons and practice, but his time was limited because we were all consumed with Nanny dying and school starting back.
He did compete in those monthly tournaments, but did not place.
We got back in the swing of things in later in the Fall and he worked hard and practiced often to improve. We added private lessons to help him.

His hard work payed off and he placed in all of the tournaments in October, November, and December!
The November tournament was extra special because he won his first real trophy.  He was SO excited!  He likes medals "okay" but he had his heart set on a trophy like he saw wayyyyy back in June 2012 at that first tournament, when he couldn't even tee his own ball.  Now he had a trophy of his own and he was so proud. It was pretty exciting too, because he tied with Triston and Jacob and they had to have a chip off.  There was a large crowd watching and cheering and it was so much fun.  I was so stressed and nervous, but he wasn't.  Doug wasn't there, so his friend Marcel walked the course with Brodie that day, and Brodie named Marcel the best caddy ever
But then in December, Doug missed that tournament, too, so I had to be his caddy.  I was a nervous wreck, but fortunately he won 2nd place again, so I was tied with Marcel as best caddy.
Until today.  Since Brod won 2nd today with Doug as his caddy, and since it was another chip off, and since in this chip off he won the chip off, Doug seems to think he is ahead as best caddy.  I am going to have to check the rule book on that one.
And from now on, I am going to have to keep up with posting about these tournaments as we go along.  Yeah.  Right.  I will.  I hope.  Maybe.