Sunday, October 13, 2013

PGA Invitational {U.S. Kids Golf Regional Tournament}


Brodie had a great time at the PGA Invitational. Round 1 started off with a birdie on hole 1, but slowly started to decline with bogey, then double bogey. 

Then on the fourth hole, he was on the green in 2, but 6 putted, leaving him with an 8.  We cannot remember a time that Brodie got an 8 on a  hole.  He was crushed and in tears.  I encouraged him to pull together and finish strong, which he did.  In the last half, he had 2 more pars and another birdie, and was able to finish with a 42 in 6th place.  He was extremely disappointed.
That afternoon, Brodie went out and practiced all afternoon.  When I say all afternoon, I really mean ALL afternoon. 

We had to pull him away at 5pm to head down to Family Night where he practiced more.  He really enjoyed meeting new friends and playing various golf "games".  That is one of the reasons why I love these regional competitions.  Brodie gets to connect with other kids who are "like him" and share his love of golf.

Round 2 wasn't very spectacular, not terrible, but he did have some missed opportunities, and his Daddy Caddy did miss some club calls, in adjusting to the difference in the Florida fairways and greens.  Brodie marked another 42 and finished in 8th.

Overall, it was a great experience, and Brodie enjoyed all of the golf he played.  He is right on the cusp of making the transition of shooting in the 30s regularly.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

U.S. Kids Golf PGA Invitational {Regional Tournament} Practice Round

Brodie had a good practice round today at the PGA Golf Club in St. Lucie, Florida.  Since they randomly pair you for the Practice Rounds, he was played with a 9 year old, Louis H., from North Carolina.
We enjoyed meeting Louis' parents who are both "in the business" so to speak.  His Dad is a Golf Professional and his Mother told me she has worked in the Golf industry as well.
Brodie shot a 40 on 9 holes with room for improvement.  Daddy Caddy has a few club adjustments to make in regard to the fairways and greens here in Florida.
Of course a whole morning of golf was not enough.  Brodie was dying to play his Dad on the 6 hole short course this evening.  He had a blast and reported he beat the Old Canadian by 5 strokes!  (of course Dad said something was wrong with his clubs...)
Brodie is loving the PGA Golf Club.  This was my first experience with the "Techno" Golf Carts that show you videos, various, views, tips, keep score electronically, etc.  It is really gorgeous here with St. Augustine grass, and a few creatures all around.

This weekend's tournament:

U.S.  Kids Golf Regional Tournament
PGA Invitational
PGA Golf Club - Ryder Course, front, 1511 yards
Port St. Lucie, FL
Age 7

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mystery Valley {U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Local Tour Fall 2013}

Three-way tie today, all shot a 42. Played playoff hole for 1st place medal, Will came out on top, leaving Brodie and Arden still tied for 1st in the#USKidsGolf Atlanta Fall Tour points race.  
Brodie was extremely upset with himself for not winning.