Friday, April 19, 2013

First Things First

First a review of last week
Last week, B played a golf tournament at the Fairways of Canton near Atlanta, GA. 
He won first place! 
After all of these months of playing, practicing, lessons, etc., he finally got a first place medal. 
He was SO excited.
Side Note:  This is the Canadian's clean shaven look.  I hate it.  He does it on occasion to annoy me.
B gets his competitive nature from the Canadian (former pro hockey players are pretty competitive).  I don't really care anything about competition, and it doesn't seem b cares for it either, but there is something deep down in B and his Dad.  They want to WIN.
B was even more excited that he beat his Dad in a practice round the day before.  In fact, he may have been more excited about that than his medal.
When you win 1st place, you have to make a speech.  Brodie's is shown here.
And now for this week
 This week's golf tourney was at Collins Hill in Lawrenceville, GA.
B placed 2nd in his age group.
It was really an exciting day, as he was paired with the  overall tour leader for the first time.  They were back and forth all day, and it could have been either's game, but the leader came out on top in the last hole.
He was happy.
b happily stayed at my Aunt's house, rather than attending, but my Mother and her new hubs came by {did I forget to mention she got married?}...
We only have 1 more tournament in this tour (U.S. Kids Spring Local Tour 2013), and then the Tour Championship.  I have enjoyed it, but I will enjoy a break from it, too!
I remember when I used to make fun of those parents who consumed their lives with traveling around to sporting events, in all sorts of weather and far off places. 
And here I am eating those words.
It's okay, I have a big mouth!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fore Kids Columbus Monthly Tournament

Fore Kids Columbus
April Monthly Junior Golf Tournament
Godwin Creek Golf Course
8 & Under Division
Took 3rd today! Little extra stat Brodie (age 7) & his buddy Triston (age 6) decided to challenge themselves and played from red tees (like the age 9-11 boys do), while the other kids in their 8 & Under division played from the green tees.  They would have still placed top 3 in the age 9-11 division!  Watch out big boys, little boys are coming on strong!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Collins Hill

U.S. Kids Golf
Atlanta Spring Local Tour
Collins Hill
Age 7 boys
2nd place
 tee off
 the dreaded hill 
silly faces
2nd place

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jekyll Island Cup 2013 {U.S. Kids Regional Golf Tournament}

This week is Spring Break.  We aren't really going anywhere or doing anything, because a couple of weeks ago we were in Jekyll Island, GA for B's first ever Regional Golf Tournament. 

We went for the experience of it all, knowing he would not place, but that we could see what a regional tourney is all about. 

We also wanted to give the boys a chance at the beach, since they have been begging to go.
  Sadly, the weather was horrible. 
 We had very limited time at the beach,
  and it was cold.
 The boys were thrilled to get to play a little, though.  b has been dying to play in the sand and make "Bikini Bottom" again.
There was a practice round on Friday.
The course was gorgeous with Spanish Moss all around.

B played a crappy practice round, but still had a few good shots worthy of the fist pump. ha ha
Round 1 was on Saturday, and the Canadian Caddy led B off to the first hole.
b and I hung out in the woods along the course because we didn't want to distract B. 
I was a little skittish keeping an eye out for gators everywhere!! 
I don't think b believed there were any gators around, but a Marshall assured me they were there.

 I think it is hysterical that the caddies wear bibs like they do in the pros. They are required in all major tournaments.
 B had a pretty good start to Round 1...
 until the storm started and we had to clear the course on hole 4.
They resumed later in the day, and B started without much warm-up, which led to a bad hole.  It went in the water. 
 Then his Caddy Daddy, (who had not read the Caddy Rules) made a mistake and make him hit again rather than going to the drop zone on the other side.  This mistake led to a minimum of 4 strokes in error. 
not our hat, but funny!
I could explain all of that, but you probably don't care - haha!  Anywho, after this one bad hole, B shook it off, and was on fire and finished with nothing but pars and birdies. 
So, we didn't fire the Canadian Caddy, and I might have felt a little sorry for him because he beat himself up about it all night. 
Even while we were all having fun at Family night, he was agonizing. 
And b was photo-bombing. 
He really felt like B was going to have a great 2nd round on Sunday....
until the weather forced them to cancel Round 2.
It was disappointing, but B finished 7 scores from the Leader and was ranked 9th, and earned orange status.  Tope Ten!!! We were THRILLED!!  He was not.  He was so sad he "didn't win a major".
He cannot understand how awesome it is that comparatively, these kids have been playing for 2+ years (compared to his short 8 month golf journey), and over half had been to the Jekyll Cup before, having had experience on the course, etc.
Speaking of is kinda crazy that so many of these kids have personal fitness trainers, private golf coaches - who travel with them and caddy for them, are members of affluent golf club communities, etc.
 One of these kids is 8 year old Allan Kournikova, yes, that would be the little brother of Anna Kournikova the tennis star.  His coach was traveling with him. 
He lives in Palm Beach and is a great little golfer!
I might have stalked noticed him and his mother a bit. 
Allan is featured in a movie "The Short Game" which is a documentary on these little golfers.  You can see a clip of his day here.