Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Round of the Year!

Today, these 2 little golfers played their last round of the year.  How amazing when I look back over 2103 at all that they have accomplished in the world of Junior Golf.  We are so excited to see what 2014 holds!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Trouble with Playoffs & Wind {Fore Kids Columbus Monthly Tournament}

Fore Kids Columbus
December Monthly Golf Tournament
2nd Place
B (age 7) played against the 9-11yr olds today, shot 2 over par, tied for 1st with an 11yr old, went through FOUR playoffs, and then lost when the wind literally blew his ball in the woods. Of course he said he played TERRIBLE, but he finally fought back the tears and managed a smile.  So competitive!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tour Championship - U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Fall Local Tour 2013

U.S. Kids Golf
Atlanta Fall Local Tour 
Tour Championship
Mirror Lake Golf Course
Villa Rica, GA

Brodie placed 2nd today in the Tour Championship, and was 2nd overall in points for the Atlanta Fall Local Tour.

It was absolutely FREEZING on the course.  We were even delayed due to frost on the greens.
 Of course he really wanted to win first.
 But, it just wasn't in the cards this round.
Columbus boys....such cuties!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Legacy on Lake Lanier - U.S. Kids Golf

U.S. Kids Golf
Atlanta Fall Local Tour
Legacy on Lake Lanier
2nd Place
Today, on the bag, we had Andrew, all the way from Scotland. He is interning here at this beautiful resort and kind enough to Caddy for Brodie while Daddy Caddy is out of town.
Brodie thought he was big stuff with a "professional caddy" haha.  He felt like he was in the PGA!
He placed 2nd. This course is no joke, something about slope and green speed and other stuff I don't understand. 

Beautiful course with fall colors all around the lake....and I forgot my camera...dreaded phone photos.... ARGH!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

JRDF Golf for a Cure Tournament

Fore Kids Columbus
JDRF Golf for a Cure Tournament
Godwin Creek Golf Course
1st place

Brodie (age7) shot 1 over par (37) and took 1st in the 9-11yr old division in the JDRF Golf for a Cure tournament today at Godwin Creek.  He was so thrilled to win 1st place!
When the tournament started, one of the older boys said, "Do I have to play with this little kid?!"  I guess he was surprised when that "little kid" beat him.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

PGA Invitational {U.S. Kids Golf Regional Tournament}


Brodie had a great time at the PGA Invitational. Round 1 started off with a birdie on hole 1, but slowly started to decline with bogey, then double bogey. 

Then on the fourth hole, he was on the green in 2, but 6 putted, leaving him with an 8.  We cannot remember a time that Brodie got an 8 on a  hole.  He was crushed and in tears.  I encouraged him to pull together and finish strong, which he did.  In the last half, he had 2 more pars and another birdie, and was able to finish with a 42 in 6th place.  He was extremely disappointed.
That afternoon, Brodie went out and practiced all afternoon.  When I say all afternoon, I really mean ALL afternoon. 

We had to pull him away at 5pm to head down to Family Night where he practiced more.  He really enjoyed meeting new friends and playing various golf "games".  That is one of the reasons why I love these regional competitions.  Brodie gets to connect with other kids who are "like him" and share his love of golf.

Round 2 wasn't very spectacular, not terrible, but he did have some missed opportunities, and his Daddy Caddy did miss some club calls, in adjusting to the difference in the Florida fairways and greens.  Brodie marked another 42 and finished in 8th.

Overall, it was a great experience, and Brodie enjoyed all of the golf he played.  He is right on the cusp of making the transition of shooting in the 30s regularly.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

U.S. Kids Golf PGA Invitational {Regional Tournament} Practice Round

Brodie had a good practice round today at the PGA Golf Club in St. Lucie, Florida.  Since they randomly pair you for the Practice Rounds, he was played with a 9 year old, Louis H., from North Carolina.
We enjoyed meeting Louis' parents who are both "in the business" so to speak.  His Dad is a Golf Professional and his Mother told me she has worked in the Golf industry as well.
Brodie shot a 40 on 9 holes with room for improvement.  Daddy Caddy has a few club adjustments to make in regard to the fairways and greens here in Florida.
Of course a whole morning of golf was not enough.  Brodie was dying to play his Dad on the 6 hole short course this evening.  He had a blast and reported he beat the Old Canadian by 5 strokes!  (of course Dad said something was wrong with his clubs...)
Brodie is loving the PGA Golf Club.  This was my first experience with the "Techno" Golf Carts that show you videos, various, views, tips, keep score electronically, etc.  It is really gorgeous here with St. Augustine grass, and a few creatures all around.

This weekend's tournament:

U.S.  Kids Golf Regional Tournament
PGA Invitational
PGA Golf Club - Ryder Course, front, 1511 yards
Port St. Lucie, FL
Age 7

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mystery Valley {U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Local Tour Fall 2013}

Three-way tie today, all shot a 42. Played playoff hole for 1st place medal, Will came out on top, leaving Brodie and Arden still tied for 1st in the#USKidsGolf Atlanta Fall Tour points race.  
Brodie was extremely upset with himself for not winning.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Newnan Country Club {U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Local Tour Fall 2013}

After getting rained out last weekend, the boys played at Newnan Country Club today.
Brodie and Arden were mostly even with each other for the whole match until the final hole.  
Arden birdied to finish with a 40 and Brodie finished with a 43.
They are now tied in the points race for the Fall Tour.
Brodie was not thrilled with 2nd place.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Collins Hill {U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Local Tour Fall 2013}

 Kicked off the U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Local Tour at Collins Hill Golf Club today.  
Brodie came out on top winning 1st Place!
 He was especially thrilled to score a 38!
He had been working hard to score in the 30s at U.S. Kids events, and this was his first.
He is the new Fall Tour leader with 30 points.
He was so excited!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

That's Par for the Course!

Fore Kids Columbus
Monthly Junior Golf Tournament
1st place, closest to the pin
After FOUR playoffs to break a tie, B finished 1st in the 
ForeKidsColumbus Monthly Tournament at Godwin Creek Golf Course today. 
He also won the "closest to the pin" award on hole #3. 
Shot a 36 on 9 holes.
That's par, y'all!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Tour Championship - Summer Tour 2nd Overall {Atlanta Athletic Club}

U.S. Kids Golf
Atlanta Summer Local Tour Championship
Atlanta Athletic Club  
After arriving home on Sunday from a long week at the World Championships in North Carolina, on Tuesday, we headed up to the Atlanta Athletic Club for the Summer Tour Championship.  
It is a swanky private club.  From their website:  "Membership in the Atlanta Athletic Club is by invitation from current members in good standing. A prospective member should be well-known by the sponsoring members."  
Let me respond with a big HA!
Brodie was tired (we all were, my heart wasn't in it, especially with school starting the next day), and he had a late tee time at 4:45pm, but he hung in there and played well finishing in fourth. 
We were happy with that, especially since the 2 boys who finished 2 & 3 are actually members of this club so of course they had the "home course advantage".  Brodie actually had them until the last couple of holes, but he lost his focus.
Having missed a tournament this summer, while we were vacationing in Florida, there was no way he could earn enough points to win first in the tour, but he held on to his position and finished 2nd overall.  

It was an interesting summer tour.  We took time off.  He only had 3 golf lessons and no practice.  The matches were on weekdays, and so his Daddy Caddy wasn't always there on the bag to help.  All things considered, it is really amazing what he achieved! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

US Kids World Championship - Final Round

US Kids Golf World Championship, Pinehurst NC
7 year old Division, Round 3
Pine Needles

Pine Needles (Started on #10)ParBirdieEagleAceBogey

Final round was today.  It was better than yesterday's disastrous Round 2, but he still had some bad luck.
Brodie started a off a little slow, and once again found himself in the sand and the rough.  Still so unreal after never missing a fairway for 4 straight days up to Friday.  Putting is usually Brodie's struggle, not missing the fairway.
He stayed in it though and picked up some momentum with 2 straight birdies on holes 5 & 6 to put himself at +2.  He bogeyed hole 7, but was still okay until hole 8.  In the middle of the 8th, after the boys had made great tee shots, and were all in the middle of the fairway in good position, suddenly, without warning, a golf course worker showed up and started hosing down the green.  The boys had to stop in the middle of the fairway and wait 10 minutes for this process.  We were confused and the Caddies were frustrated.
After this the momentum was gone - for all of them.  
They all made their second shots and the balls went straight into the bunkers, or on the fringe.  Then the balls wouldn't roll across the newly wet green.
Brodie finished that hole with a double-bogey, walked on to number 9, and did the same thing.  
He hit a beautiful drive which unexpectedly took a draw for the sand trap, and landed in a horrible spot by the lip.  
It took him 2 shots to get out.  He said his club face was closed on his first attempt. 
So that's how it ended at Brodie's first World Championship.  He ended up just short of our goal for top half of the leader board of 100 kids.
631Brodie MANN
In looking at the big picture, Brodie has been playing golf for 18 months.  He has been playing competitively in the US Kids tournaments since February of this year.  Keeping all of that in mind, how can we be too disappointed?
It has been very eye-opening this week, to play with experienced kids who have been competing for years now.  It is unreal to see all of the children who have hired professional caddies who travel with them.  Some children we met from other countries live with their golf coach and practice for 9 hours a day - every day. Some children here in the US are home schooled so that they can spend more time on the golf course for instruction.  Many kids we met from Spain, Canada, South Africa, China, Japan, and India, come here to live during the summer, and for months throughout the year to train for this event and other junior golf tournaments.  It is truly amazing!!
Overall it was a great experience and a lot of fun.  He learned so much and made some friendships that may last a lifetime.  He is already planning for next year and how he can get qualified to return to the 2014 World Championship, and we can only hope next year will be even better!

What's Up At World {US Kids Golf World Championship} {Rounds 1 & 2}

Well, we're still here in NC for the US Kids Golf World Championship. I remember when we first arrived, I thought I might go insane in this hotel room for all of these days, but I have survived.  Brodie says this place is like a DREAM.  He gets to play golf all day - with other kids who also have a passion for the game - and he gets to run around all evening doing "boy stuff" in the game room and throughout the hotel.

I can only imagine what the hotel workers think.  Last night I jokingly posted on facebook, "There is a 7 & 8 year old version of the United Nations running WILD throughout theMid Pines Inn and Golf Club. If there were any ghosts in this place, as we were told, they have surely decided to "cross-over" (i.e. flee in HORROR) to a more peaceful place..."
The boys were truly running through the halls, racing through the rooms, it was crazy!  The teacher in me wanted to take control and command order, but I just went back to my room, left the Canadian in charge, and let them have fun. They are doing the same thing tonight, too.
I had to work anyway.  I am getting quite skilled at teaching from hotel bathrooms!  It's the only quiet place.
Speaking of work, this is the WORST week for me to be out of town.  Our district had to report back to work yesterday (which is RIDICULOUS that we start school so early), so I am missing the 1st 2 days of work and having to take personal leave.  My 2nd job teaching online just started a new term yesterday, too.  LOTS of work to do with that, so here I am trying to get all of that done.  The boys missed School Registration and Blayd missed his 1st Kindergarten ice cream party.  We will get home Sunday and I will be straight to work on Monday and the boys will start school on Wednesday.  Wow.

Okay, back to happier thoughts...
Round 1 was GREAT.  Brodie played AMAZING.  He was even par through the first 5 holes, and finished +5 tied in 26th place.  It was so fun to watch.  And emotional.  I cried behind my sunglasses because I felt like people were praying for us.  
He was excited, although a tad bit disappointed because he wanted to be in the top 20, but it felt wonderful to see him play so well.  Again, our goal is to finish in the top half of the leader board of about 100 kids, so we were real excited to be on track!
Side note:  There was a little boy in our Round 1 group named "Awesome". Seriously.

Then came today and Round 2... 
We cannot figure out what happened today.  It was a disaster.  The strong point of Brodie's golf game, is that he is consistent.  RARELY does he miss a fairway.  I don't think he missed a fairway this whole week.  His struggle is usually putting.  Well today, was simply unreal.  He was in sand traps, he was in the rough, he would make a good shot and then the ball would take a horrible bounce.  It was a nightmare.  It was like some evil force was zapping him at every hole.
I could hardly stand to watch.  It didn't help that the Dad of the other kid in our group kept shouting things to his kid, like, "What's the WORD?!  FAIRWAY!  Yep, that's what I am talking about!"  It was obnoxious. And tacky.  
Let me just assure you that the Manns NEVER act that way when we are winning.  We are always considerate of the other players, and especially if another Dad starts getting ugly with their kid, the Canadian will go out of his way to praise the child just to spite the "jerk-a-saurus" parent.
Anywho, today was a rough one, and it was so very painful to watch B fight back tears and continue playing throughout that round.  He kept his head up, though, and continued to try.  He just could not get anything going.
I kept praying and asking God that since it was apparently not His will for Brodie to do well, to please help him/us through it.  I know God can use bad circumstances and make something good come from them.  It is so hard to see that and remain positive instead of angry when you are in those painful moments. 
And I know in the grand scheme of life, this is not important and I am fortunate that these are my worries right now.  It is TRULY a blessing that my child's biggest worry is his golf game, and I will give THANKS for that.

So, tomorrow is another day, and the Final Round.  Brodie will have to work hard to make it back to the top half of the leader board. He is ready to try.