Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brodie's First {Golf} Tournament

As I mentioned in previous posts, Brodie is becoming quite the little golfer.  He enjoys practicing in the back yard every day.  He watches golf on TV with his Dad.  He collects golf cards, and studies the players online.
In mid-May, we enrolled him in a Saturday morning golf clinic.
They have a tournament on the first Saturday of every month, so on the first weekend in June, Brodie participated in his first golf tournament.
We tried our best to prepare him prior to the tournament, and be very clear that he was just starting and would be learning how to participate, but would probably not win anything just yet.
At the tournaments, the course is a par 3 and they do a triple bogey max (I actually know what that means now), so the most any player could get on each hole was a "6".  The Canadian advised Brodie that the goal of his first tournament would be to get at least a "5" on one hole.
At first, Brodie got a little frustrated and emotional.  He truly thought that because he had practiced so much, that he was going to go out there and win.  It didn't help that we were paired with a boy and his father who is the GOLF PRO at the local Country Club!
This even stressed the Canadian as he tried to  help B pick clubs and line up for shots.
After 2 holes, Brodie settled down and had a great time.  He even met his goal and got a 5 on the last hole thank God.  After he was finished, he had a snack while we waited for awards.
It was hard for me to watch him eyeing the trophies on the table.  I knew how badly he wanted one.  He asked me about them and stared at them for a long time.
Later, at the awards ceremony, it was even harder for me to watch Brodie sit there and see others presented with trophies when he had practiced so hard and wanted to win one so badly.  
They did have prizes and goody bags for all of the participants, which was nice.
And overall, it was a great experience.  
As I thought about it, this was one of the first true competitions he has been in where there were true winners, unlike soccer, for example, where they don't keep score and everyone gets a trophy at the end of the season.  
Brodie is even more determined, now, to practice hard and hopefully win a trophy one day.  He learned how to try his best, lose with dignity, and celebrate with others.
I just know that one day his name will be at the top of the leader board.
But still, this is one of those times that makes being a Mom, hard.