Tuesday, June 28, 2016

USKG Georgia State Championship

This summer, the USKG Georgia State Championship was held at Callaway Gardens.  This event was very important to B because if he finished in the top 2, he could qualify for USKG World.  The older he gets, the harder it is to get an invitation to World.  Also, the competition level in Atlanta is so intense, it is very difficult to qualify by winning the local tour.  Some Atlanta kids have even started playing in easier tours so that they can qualify.  Can't blame them, although Daddy Caddie scoffs at it.
Unlike our local tour events in Atlanta (which average 2 hours of driving time for us), Callaway is only about 30-40 minutes from our house.  You would think that would mean we would take advantage of the closer location and practice several times leading up to the event - but that did not happen!  Life has just been too busy.
Luckily, B had a strong start in Round 1.
With a 78, he was tied in first place with another player from Florida.
As always, I was hesitant to post anything on social media after the round, afraid I might jinx his lead, because I have that kind of power you know - HA!, but I decided I would anyway.  

Regardless of the outcome on day 2, why not celebrate the joy and excitement of the first round?  
We were excited.  
78 was B's lowest score in a USKG 18 hole event.  Also, B has never won a major championship before.  In his last 3 years at USKG Georgia State, he has finished 2nd, 3rd, and then last year, 4th.  It seemed like this year he may have a chance.
Unfortunately, it didn't work out.
B lost the lead in round 2, and finished 3rd.  Essentially 2 strokes away from a win and 1 stroke away from World qualification.  He was devastated.
So was I.
Junior golf is hard on the heart of a Mama.
Unlike some other sports, there are no "everyone wins and gets a trophy" scenarios in junior golf - and  I don't think there should be.  But, that doesn't take away the pain of watching your kiddo hurt as they suffer through a loss.
Here's the other funny thing about junior golf.  In the state tourney, my son had a couple of the best 18 hole rounds he has ever played (aside from the dreaded 3 putts which ultimately cost him Round 2).  He finished 3rd in the State, for the second year in a row, and yet we all feel like failures.  Crazy.
Golf will do that to you.
It is a game perfectly suited for the struggling perfectionist, who in constantly striving for the unattainable "perfect round", finds himself in a trap of feeling consistently unsuccessful.
Feelings cannot be trusted.  Especially in the game of golf.
This goes for players upset with themselves, and parents upset at seeing their kids suffer.  
If you have kiddos struggling with perfectionism (which are often drawn to the game of golf), you have to purposefully take a breath, step back, and look at the big picture.  Set smaller, more attainable goals.  Find the positives to celebrate.
So B didn't qualify for World, it was sad.  But, he had a blast for 24 hours while he was in the lead.  He put together 2 great rounds.  He finished 3rd in the state.  He played with some great friends and super talents.
That is something to celebrate.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Busy Golf Weekend! {USKG} {No Bad Grass} {Tour Championship}

We had a busy weekend filled with golf activities.  Brodie prepped with a practice round on Friday with a friend at our local course.  We are so glad he finally has some school friends who now play golf. I am sure the older he gets, the more local friends he will have to play golf with.
On Saturday we were up early and hit the road to Villa Rica, GA for a U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Tour local event.  It rained the entire time, but Brodie didn't complain.
Daddy Caddie has a saying, "There's no bad grass."
This comes from his old hockey days when the saying was, "There's no bad ice," meaning everyone has to play from the same circumstances, so don't complain or make excuses, just play!
We are not usually concerned about rain, unless it means a stop in play or delay of tournament. Aside from that, Brodie tends to play well in the rain.  A real "mudder". :-)  
Saturday was no different, and he finished the round at even par.  Surprisingly, he still had to compete in a playoff for 1st place, as another competitor was even at 36 as well.
The playoff hole was rough for both of them, but Brodie won.  We were so happy for him since he hasn't had a 1st place win in a long while.
On Sunday, we were back on the highway up to Atlanta, to the Fedex Cup final, the Tour Championship by Coca-Cola at East Lake.  We love that this event is so close to home, and we try to attend every year.
Brodie was thrilled of course, but Blayd wasn't ecstatic.  Although Blayd enjoys golf and likes to dress like Jordan Spieth, he wanted to spend his day off from school at home with Super Mario. 
We were so impressed at the new addition of the Kid's Corner this year.  This is a gated area for kids to wait for autographs from their favorite players.  This is such a great idea, as our kids have been trampled in years past by adults looking to get autographs - most of which are only wanting things signed so they can go sell it on ebay.
The boys stayed here most of the day, waiting and waiting.  Luckily, most of their favorite players were kind enough to stop this year.  Rickie Fowler spent a good deal of time signing this year, as did many others.
We did wait until the bitter end in hopes of catching Jordan Spieth, especially since he is Blayd's favorite, but he did not sign autographs.  A swarm of security and PR folks rushed him past the kids into the clubhouse.  He did throw out a ball and yelled that he'd be back out, but unfortunately when he finally did come our, after a long, long wait, the swarm again took him right past all of the kids and fans who were waiting, taking him directly to the parking lot.
So....we took this picture and called it a night!
Blayd was so funny because he had been practicing and planning to say, "Hi Mr. Spieth!  May I please have your glove?"  He also wanted to show him that he was dressed like "little Jordan" and he drove me crazy continuously asking if his belt was on straight, because he wanted it all to be perfect when Jordan came out.  Maybe next year. :-)
Although Jordan Spieth clinched the title, the real story of the day at East Lake was the mud. Although it wasn't raining, the ground was a mess.  Everywhere you looked, people were covered in mud, many up to their knees.  A few women had on rain boots.  Clearly they were not rookies and/or had inside information.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf World Championship 2015 {Round 3}

U.S. Kids Golf World Championship
Pinehurst, North Carolina
Age 9 Division
Course:  Pinehurst No.1

It was a blistering hot Saturday in Pinehurst, North Carolina, as Brodie and Daddy Caddie set out for a 1:12PM tee time on Pinehurst No. 1.  After yesterday's disappointing round, they were focused on trying to go low and meet their goal of Top 50 overall for the tournament.
Daddy Caddie reported that Brodie played a solid round, never missing a fairway.  He had a few short game struggles and seemed extremely tired on the last few holes, but he managed to shoot his lowest round of the tournament, a 78.  It was enough to meet their goal as Brodie ended the U.S. Kids World Championship T50.  
Top 50 in the world (age 9 division), not too shabby!!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf World Championship 2015 {Round 2}

Can you tell by the look on their faces?  Round 2 did not go so well.  Daddy Caddie reports that Brodie had a rough start on the the 1st hole nine holes and a war between the two of them ensued.

If you are familiar with junior golf, you know there is always a love-hate relationship between fathers and sons (or Moms, and daughters) whichever the case may be).
They still love each other, though!
After the disastrous 44 on the first 9 holes (holes 10-18), he pulled himself together and shot a 37 on the last 9 (holes 1-0).  Luckily, he didn't fall too far position wise, but he did move down from T51 to T57.  
Daddy Caddie learned a few lessons, such as arriving earlier to ensure ample time for warm-ups.  He didn't realize that starting on hole 10 meant they had to be shuttled out 25 minutes early.  This mistake meant Brodie didn't have time for any putting practice. He also said that he cost Brodie at least 3 strokes today due to bad club decisions.
So all in all, today was disappointing, but not terrible.  And Brodie was over it in about 10 minutes and has been running wild playing chase and hide-n-go-seek all evening.
Round 3 coming up tomorrow!

U.S. Kids Golf World Championship 2015 {Round 1}

Brodie had a slight slow start to Round 1 with a bogey on the first hole, but he battled out the rest of the round shooting a 79 on Pinehurst #1.
79 is a great score, however, at this level of competition it is only good enough for T51 out of 140 kids. 😉
Brodie was happy with his play overall.  He missed several birdie putts, which he hopes to improve upon today in Round 2.
Yesterday, his tee time was 7:48AM, but today it is closer to 1pm-which means it will be hotter! ☀️ Of course our Georgia Boy isn't afraid of heat, but we are hoping he stays hydrated and strong through the round!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf World Championship 2015!

We arrived at Pinehurst a little later this year, because Brodie was playing in his local Club Championship on Monday and Tuesday.  We missed the Parade of Nations by about 30 minutes, but we streamed the feed on Periscope in the car.
Technology can be awesome! 😉
We finally arrived and the boys were able to enjoy the festivities in the Village at Pinehurst.
On Wednesday, we went to Pinehurst Resort for registration.
There were some fun items in the swag bag this year. 😊 
The Honda characters were handing out goodies and taking fun pictures.
It is hard to believe this is his 3rd World Championship. Each year it will be harder and harder to qualify.
Time goes by way too fast for this golf Mom!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maple Ridge Club Championship

Brodie played in the Maple Ridge Junior Club Championship this week. It was 2 nine hole rounds on Monday and Tuesday.  He really enjoyed making new friends and playing with some local kids his age.

He shot a 36 in round one. He was pretty excited to eagle hole 7.  In round 2 he was 1 under par, shooting a 71 overall to finish in 1st place!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GSGA Summer 2015

Georgia State Golf Association
Junior Sectional Events
West Section

Brodie played in 4 of the 5 GSGA West Section tournaments this summer.
These are always fun events and it is nice that they are close to home!
This year he won 2 of the 4 events and placed 2nd in the other 2.
Because he and Triston (ages 9 & 8) were the points leaders in the 11 and under group, they were invited to the GSGA Junior Sectional Challenge Match, to represent the West Section.
Unfortunately, Brodie did not play well and had to battle through both rounds of this 2 day tournament.  Daddy Caddie reported that the course was a bit long for them.  
That's just part of it, though, when you are playing against the big boys! :-)

Monday, October 13, 2014

PGA Invitational {U.S. Kids Golf Regional} {Port St. Lucie, FL}

Brodie had a great time competing in the PGA Invitational Tournament in Port St. Lucie, FL.  On Saturday, he had a strong start posting a 38 for Round 1 and tied for 4th place.  
He was really excited to be only 1 stroke behind Sihan Sandhu, who is an awesome player in his age group.
Later that day, he played several rounds on the par 3 ocurse with friends, swam in the pool, and then enjoyed a boat load of fun and activity at the Family Night events.  We had to drag him out of there after dark.
In retrospect, it might have been too much fun and activity, because Round 2 was not so great.  After seven(yes 7) 3-putts, he fell 9 places and finished tied for 13.  Sandhu won it all.
It is hard to know what to do at these events.  As a parent, you want to let them run around, play and have fun.  They are kids.  We let him stay out too late, play too much golf, and he was truly sore from running and playing so hard at field hockey during family night.  So, did that affect him the next day?  It is hard to say.  I have noticed other parents at major events who limit the play time.  Still I wonder, what if we had made him come in early and rest and he still played bad in Round 2 - he would have missed out on the fun.  But, then of course, what if he had rested and finished top 5 (which was his goal)? Who knows.
Parenthood.  It's tough.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Round 3 Recap #GolfLikeAMann #USKGWorld #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst

Round 3 Recap #GolfLikeAMann #USKGWorld #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst 

I didn't go out to watch the final round.  Here's how they looked when I last saw them...
 I stayed back at the hotel with little b and picked up the tournament photos.

Here is Brodie's recap after Round 3...Click here to view

Brodie asked me to take him to the Awards Ceremony, so I did.  It's hard watching your little one have his dreams crushed right before his eyes.  He took it well.

No awards for my little buddy, but he is ranked 82nd in the World (8yr olds), the top 3 from GA, 7 strokes out of top 50, 10 strokes out of top 30. Not too shabby.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Round 2 Recap #GolfLikeAMann #USKGWorld #USKidsGolfWorldChampionship #Pinehurst

Weather conditions were terrible today for Round 2, but Brodie managed to shave a couple strokes off of his previous score.  Once again, the problem is the putting.  
 It is just not there this week.  It is really the only problem with his game at this point.  He is overthinking it and even looks uncomfortable.
Still, Brodie was glad he played better, but disappointed to not score as low as he normally does.                                   Check out a video clip from Round 2 here.

Here is Brodie's Recap  - click here
Round 3 is tomorrow, and he is just hoping to move up as far as he can on the leaderboard, if possible.  Aside from his disappointment with his play, he is really having a great time here, and seems to know that is what is most important.